Hugo is a so-called 'static site generator'

Although much of my Web-Dev work has been focused on the Node.js platform and React, a static site generator has proven to be the best tool for this purpose
  • HTML generated from Markdown
  • No back-end compute power required for on-the-fly HTML generation (re Node.js)
  • Content hosted at no cost on GitLab Pages
  • CI/CD pipeline (courtesy of GitLab) means content generation and deployment at the convenience of a pushed commit
  • Eschew the tedium of CSS
  • Hugo dev server (hugo server -D) allows rendering immediate updates to the DOM as you edit

I have been, frankly, dissatisfied with the quality of dev servers offered by similar projects such as Gatsby Not the case with Hugo - on the basis of stability and responsiveness, I believe it is only surpassed by Webpack HMR.

I recommend checking out the Hugo GitLab project to get started.