This Week in Dev

Completion of CryptoZombies

I worked through a variety of different solidity dapp tutorials this week, and completed the rest of Loom’s However, I have to gripe about darth of great resources for learning this technology. Tutorials seem to commonly place the primary focus on either the abstract concepts of smart contracts, or the vagaries of working with particular frameworks, stopping short of the practical approaches to dapp development that would be more helpful.

Hugo was a bright spot though; after some digging, I was able to solve the mystery of ignored markdown formatting and pictures that failed to appear from the main view of my blog.

One of the features of Hugo is automatic blog summaries; this automatically truncates the text of blog posts beyond a certain word count, injecting a “Read More” link to the complete post. Fortunately, this can be over-ridden by using a “more” tag “” whereat truncation would be more suitable. I have implemented such a tag in this very post!