React Native

A return to gigabyte-guzzling development

Now that RecipeTrader is mostly fleshed out and working, I set my sights once again on React Native. I had to re-download a lot of system images, Android Studio, Expo emulators and such, which I had freed up for space. The downloading alone makes this dev-setup a very protracted process.


It’s also extremely rough on space. Here I am, once again precariously close to maxing out the meager 48GiB EXT4 volume which has been my home for years now.


Additionally, while emulating phone hardware with Android Studio, I only can expect about 90 minutes of battery life, significantly less than my typical 180 minutes.

Why should I use such a foolishly small partition?

Expedience - I use dd for backups.

Android Studio - Google and JetBrains

Android Studio is by Google, but actually based on the IntelliJ platform. Fortunately, I already have a license to JetBrains products, which makes it easy to install and manage with JetBrains Toolbox. If you are a student with a .edu email address, you can also get a free student license for hundreds of dollars worth of JetBrains products, such as IntelliJ and WebStorm