Integration testing with Cypress

React.js E2E Testing Frameworks


Cypress E2E Integration Testing

The cypress testing framework is an end-to-end integration test framework for React.js, which is quickly surpassing alternatives such as Jest, Mocha, and Enzyme, Chai, and others.

Unit testing had long been an area of React.js where a stark lack of consensus existed. Myriad different frameworks had been available, all with their own selling points. Many developers won over by Cypress are now abandoning this patchwork of other unit testing tools in droves.


Automation Testing with Appium

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Testing is a repetitive task, and mobile applications require automated testing just as much as their web-based counterparts. This is where Appium comes in. Appium is a testing framework that is used for automated testing with Native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. The Appium API is a cross-platform tool that makes it possible to write tests for both iOS and Android. Appium can be written in any language (Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, etc) and used for automation purposes without modifying anything. Testing can be performed on real devices, or simulators / emulators.


Because Appium is based on the WebDriver framework, it has much in common with the Selenium web testing framework. This includes the JSON Wire Protocol

Appium is designed with a client/server architecture in mind. When the Appium server is started, it exposes a Rest API to the client.


Selenium Jars Java-Client Appium Server