AWS - Using Named Profiles

Getting the Most of Named Profiles

The AWS CLI supports using any of multiple named profiles that are stored in the config and credentials files. You can configure additional profiles by using aws configure with the –profile option, or by adding entries to the config and credentials files.

The following example shows a credentials file with two profiles. The first is used when you run a CLI command with no profile. The second is used when you run a CLI command with the –profile user1 parameter.

~/.aws/credentials (Linux & Mac) or %USERPROFILE%\.aws\credentials (Windows)


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BikeStack Mobile

A React Native Application

A performance tracking and data visualization app for bicyclists.

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  • TypeScript
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS Cognito user pools (secure user creation and authentication)
  • AWS DynamoDB (highly scalable record persistence)
  • React native navigation
  • Expo