BikeStack Mobile

A React Native Application

A performance tracking and data visualization app for bicyclists.

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  • TypeScript
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS Cognito user pools (secure user creation and authentication)
  • AWS DynamoDB (highly scalable record persistence)
  • React native navigation
  • Expo

yZ Finance Mobile

A React Native Application

React-Native mobile app for my Yahoo-finance web scraper.


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With an Android phone, you can scan this QR code with your Expo mobile App to load this project immediately.

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Navigation in React Native

Notes on using React Navigation


React Native navigation is largely analogous to the concept of routing in React.js Web development, although it does work a bit differently, being that URLs are not an inherent part of the mobile application experience.

Some (older) materials recommend wix react native navigation for implementing RN navigation. This was preferred by many developers because the official React Navigation was once notoriously buggy. However, the consensus now seems to be that those issues have mostly been ironed out.

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React Native - Learn once, Write everywhere

or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 'book (Facebook)

React Native is a technology that makes it possible to create apps that work on multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS.



  • Created by Facebook.
  • Write one app that works on both iOS and Android.
  • Groundswell of support. Find solutions to common problems easily.
  • Open source - broad ecosystem & robust community
  • React Native is used internally by Facebook, so we can rest assured that it will continue to be well-supported in the future.


  • Minor differences between the Android and iOS platforms may require redress.
  • Inherently asynchronous.
  • Many native device features require 3rd party packages.
  • Fast moving target - still in active development, monthly new versions frequently include breaking changes.
  • React Native acts as a bridge between JS and native platform code, so it’s not as efficient as native apps written with Java (Android), or Swift / Objective-C (iOS).

What is a React Native app?

Although based on the React framework of web-development fame, React Native apps are NOT web-apps or websites. This is because the UI components are expressed by native platform code. React Native allows us to build something similar to a React.js web app, but essentially replaces the React’s HTML DOM with native UI components.

npx --package react-native-cli react-native
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React Native

A return to gigabyte-guzzling development

Now that RecipeTrader is mostly fleshed out and working, I set my sights once again on React Native. I had to re-download a lot of system images, Android Studio, Expo emulators and such, which I had freed up for space. The downloading alone makes this dev-setup a very protracted process.


It’s also extremely rough on space. Here I am, once again precariously close to maxing out the meager 48GiB EXT4 volume which has been my home for years now.


Additionally, while emulating phone hardware with Android Studio, I only can expect about 90 minutes of battery life, significantly less than my typical 180 minutes.

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