Recipe Trader

Culinary Social Network

I am very excited to announce RecipeTrader - my newest React.js demo website. RecipeTrader is a social network for sharing culinary recipes. It features user registration, login, and profile creation - all securely authenticated by JSON Web Token. Users can post recipes, and even like and comment on other users’ submissions.

This full-stack project employs a MongoDB backend, Express.js API, and a React.js frontend with Redux.js state management, and routes through React-router. It is deployed via a Heroku CI/CD pipeline, streamlined with Webpack, and accessible at

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Web Scraper, API, DB, and UI for - Yahoo Finance!

Demo Website

My first full-stack website is a React.js SPA built to present crypto-currency market data which is scraped nightly from Yahoo! Finance. The data is retrieved and interpreted by a Java web scraper, persisted to an SQLite database, and made accessible through a REST API for display by the React frontend.

- Frontend (Node.js)

  • Express.js
  • React.js
  • Redux.js
  • React Router

- Backend (Java)

  • Jsoup (Web Scraper)
  • systemd event timer
  • Express REST API

- Database

  • SQLite

- Web Hosting

  • Linode
  • Arch Linux

Java Source Code (Jsoup Web Scraper)